lakeland carpet cleaning

Let’s face it, life happens. And a huge portion of life brings in dirt, dust, and other less desirable elements (like mites)! And a lot of our life’s moments happen in our homes, on our floors.

Carpets have been proven to be one of the healthiest types of floor covering to own— when it’s clean, of course. On its own, it acts as a filter for airborne particles, which is great for those who suffer from allergies! It is also great for kids to play on, while adults enjoy a carpet’s softness and the support it gives to tired feet.

But too much of said particles, accumulated through time and trapped in the carpet, can trigger the same allergies.

Like any surface, carpets must be properly cared for and maintained on a regular basis. There is a right and a wrong way to clean carpet and that is why Frogs uses proven techniques, cleaning solutions and equipment. Attention to detail with determination to achieve the greatest results leaving customers with a minimal drying period are only a few reasons why you should trust Frogs to clean your carpets!