Ask yourself when is enough, enough?

The children come home from school and Susan yells at the top of her voice “get off the carpet because I just had it cleaned!”. Sound familiar? Susan knows that having her carpet cleaned can leave her with feelings of happiness, cleanliness and pride in her home. It can also turn her into the raging monster that suffers from OCD trying to protect the freshly cleaned carpet from intruders that dare to walk across it. How very dare they!! She had waited all summer long for this moment, you know the one where you have said “enough is enough!”. You need to replace hours of stress with double the hours of serenity. There is ground to be taken back such as putting away all of the beach gear and toys, restocking the fridge, dusting and yes carpet cleaning! I do not know about you but I am constantly asking myself during stressful times, when is enough, enough?

A common question that I receive is how often should carpet be cleaned and my answer is always the same that every household has different needs and some will require more maintenance than others. Timing is important and a properly trained carpet cleaning service professional will understand the varying cleaning processes and help identify the needs of a client. An active household with kids and pets will certainly create life messes more often than the empty nester. Spots on carpeting can be created by organic materials which are dirt, clay and yes bodily fluids, yuck! Other spots are created by synthetic materials such as grease, Play-Doh, cosmetics etc. An important thing to consider is that the longer any spot regardless of its origin stays in the carpet the more difficult and costly it becomes to remove. You may not need the entire room cleaned but it is certainly wise to allow an affordable carpet cleaning service provider to take care of the spot as soon as you know it happens.

Cleaning carpet is not just for cosmetic enjoyment but it is also important for health reasons. Consider this, how often do you wash your clothing, brush your teeth or sanitize your commode? Now think about what your shoes, bare feet and even your pet does to your flooring. I hear crickets……yep there’s the ewww! Trust me, what I just asked you is not a scare tactic but rather a point of reference to help you understand the importance of a healthy floor. You, your children and your house guest may suffer from allergies or health conditions that would greatly benefit from regular carpet cleaning. Here at Frogs Floor Care we generally see our regular clients every 8 – 10 months to either carpet clean or alternate the service experience by cleaning a different floor covering such as tile or wood. Each household really is different and what is enough for the Polk family in Lakeland will be totally opposite from what the Martinez family needs in Tampa.

So my advice to everyone is to just try and pay attention to your home top to bottom and prioritize what matters. Ask yourself when is enough, enough? Remember to call a professional and ask for advice. Do not let things get so out of hand that you have to stress overtime to gain back the ground you lost. Your investment into your home and family are far too important to neglect.

Hop on!

Geoffrey Odermatt