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Communicating service needs, complicated?

“Not me, I did not know, someone else must have done that, I only used a little!”. Excuses without proper explanation or requests to gain understanding gets us nowhere. When confronted with a question or presented with a fact we often deny the truth, hide and plead the 5th, relishing in the old saying that “ignorance is bliss”. Wait, did someone say relish? Yes please! When communicating their service needs, Lakeland carpet cleaning clients to the way I communicate my lifestyle habits to my doctor; complicated with a little fib on top. Speaking with your service provider should not be an elusive, hush hush, complicated process. Rather it should be an open dialogue discussing concerns, options and truthful expectations.

Having been in the service industry for 20+ years I have seen and heard most things that happen inside of a client’s home. I have worked hard to develop an ear for listening while asking the right questions, a heart for understanding and a speech pattern to help address each need that I am presented with. Realizing that I deal with unique and sometimes personal situations I tend to start with the basics and investigate the needs of my clients. Questions that I may ask are, “do you have children or pets?” or “do you have a lot of guests and parties?”. I am not only trying to form relationships by getting to know them but I am also investigating what needs their flooring has. I want to know whether or not those blacks spots are actually sugary drink spills and food stains that now have a dirt coating or whether the spot may be left over chemical residue from a past attempt to clean it. Either way, I will always try to communicate in such a way to put the client at ease and to formulate the best course of action.

Speaking your needs and wants does not have to be complicated but they do need to be clear, truthful and direct. Let’s face it your hard earned money needs to get you the best result possible, right? When I enter a clients home I welcome the stories and tall tales along with the good, bad and ugly. Why? Because I WANT to know! I want to know so that I can provide them with an excellent experience along with building a trusting business relationship. I do not want the elderly to be ashamed of a fall or accident. Nor the stay at home parents be embarrassed that their children destroyed their carpet and furniture with well placed boogers and squirt guns, good times right?! I also want to know if the DIY husband rented a carpet cleaning machine from the grocery store because trust me, I will discover it one way or another. There is no need for them to fib or deny. Information and truthfulness will net the best results and make the process of a professional Lakeland carpet cleaning service provider so much easier for each person involved.

So, as a current or future client of mine what can you do? The answer is simple, ask me questions, tell me about your home and a little about your household activity. Divulge as much information as you feel comfortable concerning your flooring because the more that I know the better I can serve you. I want my clients to have the most enjoyable floor cleaning experience ever even if it means having a bit of conversation and overcoming some barriers. Remember that communication is key to everything, not just in relation to your carpet being cleaned, wink!

Have a “hoppy” day!

Geoffrey Odermatt,

Owner of Frogs Floor Care