Reasons why I may not be the best carpet cleaner!

In a culture that everyone is either looking for, acting like or boasting to be the best it is hard to determine what is the best for YOU! Reasons why I may not be the best carpet cleaner depends

On your mark, get set, GOAL!

And we’re off! The announcer on the loud speaker excitedly calls out “taking an early lead we have the kids getting settled back into school with the dreaded holiday weight gain in close second, oh and whats this folks… here comes that credit card bill bringing up the rear!”. And the crowd goes wild with oooh’s and aaah’s! Read more

Communicating service needs, complicated?

“Not me, I did not know, someone else must have done that, I only used a little!”. Excuses without proper explanation or requests to gain understanding gets us nowhere. When confronted with a question or presented with a fact we often times deny the truth, hide and plead the 5th relishing in the old saying that “ignorance is bliss”. Wait, did someone say relish? Yes please! Read more