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On your mark, get set, GOAL!

And we’re off! The announcer on the loudspeaker excitedly calls out “taking an early lead, we have the kids getting settled back into school with the dreaded holiday weight gain in close second, oh and what’s this folks… here comes that credit card bill bringing up the rear!”. And the crowd goes wild with oohh’s and aahh’s!

I think you would be hard pressed to hear someone shout with excitement or cheer with glee over a few extra holiday pounds or credit card debt. But the kids going back to school, that is somewhat bitter sweet. Regardless of your post holiday posture one cliche remains which everyone typically adheres to, GOAL SETTING!

Now is the time that we ponder our dreams and collect our thoughts so that we make progress and let the past year either teach us or contain us. What is it that drives you forward to achieve your goals? A cluttered or dirty home that needs cleaning with an affordable Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning service? Is it a desire for more growth in your relationships and family life? How about that feeling of excitement you felt when you beat your sales goals? For some of the Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning professionals, we learn from mistakes and find comfort in constructive criticism which compels us to be more intentional with our goals. Whatever the motivation it is crucial that you find, learn and use it or else risk stagnation! An immobile life will not produce anything that will benefit your family, friends, career and most importantly yourself.

Whether you grab a journal and scribble down your goals or plaster them onto the wall you should always take time to set goals and reminders for yourself. Start small with a short distance! Achieving small goals quickly is one sure way to get a boost of confidence towards your bigger more long term goals. Do not give up! Some things are worth it and are well worth the wait.

Go for it!

Geoffrey Odermatt

Owner, Frogs Floor Care