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Floor cleaning? Yes it is that important!

If you are like Scott and Tracy you probably like saving money, right? Are you adventurous enough like they are to bid on that low priced fixer upper? If so, there are many pitfalls and benefits that you should be aware of when buying that diamond in the rough that you must take into consideration and the floor cleaning, repair and replacement is a huge piece of the equation. Let’s read on to discover what to look for when moving into your next living space.

Having had the chance to speak with many of my clients about floor cleaning: which ranges from carpet cleaning , tile cleaning , and grout cleaning to wood and laminate restoration, I have learned that not everyone’s cosmetic preference is the same let alone their budget, health concerns and overall concern of their flooring. I get the fact that a budget is probably a homeowners biggest concern but should it be? How about health and safety or the knowledge of any remaining lifespan of the flooring? And yes cosmetically speaking you want something that you can live with and be happy seeing each day for the unforeseeable future. I am going to give you my take on the equation but I will some it up in one word first, investment!

lakeland floor cleaning service
lakeland floor cleaning service

Your new living space needs to be comfortable and healthy while enjoyable giving you something to take pride in. So this is what I recommend that you consider concerning your investment, ask yourself; What is the condition of my flooring and can I be happy with it long term? Let’s bring in Scott and Tracy who happen to be on a modest budget having just signed a mortgage on their first home. They have great ideas for new furniture, appliances, bedding, oh and painting the walls in the nursery in anticipation for baby #1! But among all of the excitement they overlooked the fact that their wood floors do not look so great now that the sun is shining through the house with no furniture hiding damage and heavy build up from waxy cleaning solutions. Oh no, what do they do and who do they call? This extra expense was not planned! Now enter Frogs Floor Care, ribbit!

OK, OK we all love a challenge right? Well I get pretty anxious when I have the chance to tackle a really complex situation whether it be dirty carpet, greasy tile and grout or in this case a severely worn wood floor with a lot of waxy build up from someone using the wrong cleaning solution. After listening to Scott and Tracy’s concerns I offered my suggestions according to what I felt the floors needed and explained how different methods could achieve desired results. As I had mentioned earlier these wood floors had severe chemical build up but all was not lost! After some consideration and number crunching Scott and Tracy decided that it was worth investing in their existing wood floors and they gave Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning service provider Frogs Floor Care the green light to make things right, yay!

So after making the decision to salvage their wood flooring Frogs Floor Care went straight to work on getting Scott and Tracy’s floors clean, shiny and healthy all the while staying within their budget! And along with returning their wood floors to the beauty they once beheld through hardwood floor cleaning, they also saved a lot of time because now they do not have to pick out and order new flooring and wait for installation. Their time can now be spent on other valuable things and enjoying each other as they set up their new home.

So before limiting your options and possibly choosing a path that may or may not work for you please consider speaking with a hardwood floor cleaning professional or installer. The benefits of taking your time and making a wise decision is invaluable when it comes to your family’s health and cosmetic appearance of your home!

Until next time, keep hopping!

Geoffrey Odermatt