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OH WOW! He is actually coming!


You never call, you never write and you do not visit! Do these words sound comically familiar? When you have a visitor coming are you prepared? So often, especially in today’s culture we can get wrapped up in ourselves. Life does get in the way right? The distance between family and long lost friends makes it tough to connect along with crazy work hours. And do not forget about the endless sports and dance competitions for the kids! Our schedules are important and time with our loved ones is so irreplaceable and invaluable. So the last thing you need to worry about is a service provider showing up late, or not even arriving at all! And what can you do to prepare for their arrival? If you are having your flooring cleaned you probably ask yourself, what do I move ahead of time? Do I leave the house while they work? Read on to discover some tips on how to prepare for your floor cleaning professional.

Assuming you have done your research and have hired the right Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning professional, you now need to prepare your home or business. I cannot tell you how many times I encountered the unthinkable! Over the years I have tried different wording over the phone, sent text and email reminders and even used hieroglyphics to prepare my clients! It has simply come down to “Mrs. Smith, please place all personal, fragile and valuable items in a safe place and be sure to put Fido and Mr. Mittens in an area in which I am  not working. I will arrive within the hour.” Simple and easy right? Not so much. You are busy and sometimes forget that I am there to clean your floors, not pick up laundry and your stack of financial records on the office floor.

It becomes a safety and ethical risk when I enter someone’s personal space. You want to create an environment with little or no opportunity for mistakes and questions! Yes it is your space but as a courtesy to the professional Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning provider working within your space you should clear all personal, eh hum …. “Intimates”, money and jewelry along with the family heirloom vase standing by the front door. Why take the risk right? Now as for your pets, it is not just for my safety that I want the pets locked away but also for them. Most often entry ways are opened and closed many times during a visit and the chance for the family pet to escape is great. Trust me I am not a fast runner!

Keeping an eye on the clock? You should! Punctuality is a lost art these days and is almost nonexistent within the service industry. Yes, sometimes a technician runs late because of unknown issues or delays but you should always expect and appreciate communication. If you have not been given a courtesy contact via phone, text or email then do not hesitate to call the office of whom you have hired. Trust me it is better than sitting around stewing about it when you can get a quick errand done while you wait. Now once your Lakeland hardwood floor cleaning technician has arrived it is up to you whether or not you feel comfortable leaving them alone to work. Over the years I have developed trusting relationships in which some clients issue a key to their property while others prefer to stick around and be a part of the process.

I hope that this has given you a head start and some ideas to help you prepare for anyone that will be working within your property.

Geoffrey Odermatt

Owner, Frogs Floor Care