Lakeland Professional carpet cleaning

Getting the Gist of Hiring a Floor Cleaner!

Are you searching the market for a reputable contractor to clean your flooring? Are you stumped and at a crossroads with nowhere to look? And questions? You’ve got plenty but are they the right ones? You are not alone and there are definitely right and wrong questions to ask, places to search and vendors to hire. So read on and hopefully our Lakeland professional carpet cleaning team can provide you with some simple ways that may help you find the right contractor that will provide you with the value that you and your floors deserve!

Let us start with who & where, because let’s face it, it is important who you let in your home for not only safety concerns but to also know that they are qualified to perform the requested work. You can learn about a provider’s performance, skill and background by simply not being afraid to ask! Most commonly you receive a referral from a relative, friend or neighbor but there are other ways to locate a qualified professional when a first person referral is not within reach. There are many websites that compile hundreds of providers along with their credentials, reviews and some even do criminal background checks. Also there are trade associations that service providers can be members of once they have attended training schools and pass exams related to their fields of service.

So what type of service does your floor require and when should it happen? Your floors are unique and the traffic that enters your house, well makes them more unique! So once you interview your top three professionals you should be given options that will provide the best cleaning results for YOUR situation. Whether it’s tile cleaning using hot water extraction, (which is known as “steam cleaning”), low moisture or a scrub method the professional should be knowledgeable and offer the right one at the right time. There are a handful of proven methods but the method used at Mrs. Smith’s house may not be the type that Mrs. Jones needs. A common question that I am asked is “how often should I have my floors cleaned?” Well, how often do you do laundry or wash the dishes? As needed, right? Your home or business is different from everyone else and flooring manufacturers recommend an annual hardwood floor cleaning by your Lakeland professional carpet cleaning team. Some even require it before they honor any warranty. So depending upon the amount of foot traffic, pet accidents and the number of times your child pours out a full bottle of tropical breeze hand soap on the white carpet you may call upon me to clean every 6-8 months; unless of course you have repeat offenders!

I hope that you have gained some insight and tools to help you find and hire the right professional  for your cleaning project. Your flooring is a huge important investment and choosing the right Lakeland professional carpet cleaning team is crucial to maintain and keep your floors healthy and looking their best for a lifetime!