food stains

Getting rid of food stains: Here’s how

Spilling red wine, smearing ketchup, and finding grease all over your carpet can be frustrating. 

When it comes to food stains, it’s also a race against time. You have to be quick to clean them up before the stain can create permanent damage to your floors. 

In this blog, let’s talk all about stains and how to get rid of them effectively with smart carpet cleaning solutions! 

Types of Stains

For common types of stains, you can try these solutions:


Unlike its white counterpart, red wine creates a stain that is tough to clean. To contain the stain and prevent it from spreading, you may dab it gently with a clean cloth.

A common home remedy would be mixing a tablespoon of white vinegar and liquid dish soap to two cups of warm water, blotting it into the stain frequently. 


We’re sure that almost everyone can relate to this incident happening. It’s a busy morning and you’ve accidentally spilled coffee and it’s now made its way to your carpet. 

Blot the stain first with a white cloth from the outside and the middle of the stain to prevent it from spreading. You can proceed to use a carpet cleaning solution, or you can make your own. Just like the wine home remedy procedure, you can replicate the process into the coffee stain. 

BBQ Sauce

Cookout sessions with family and friends is always a good idea, but not so much when you notice visible stains of BBQ sauce on your carpet. 

When trying to remove these stubborn sugary sauces, it’s best to clean them while it’s still fresh. Use a spoon to scoop up as much of the mess as possible.

If the stain has mostly dried, you can use the back of the spoon to scrape the mess. You can mix liquid dish soap with 8 ounces of warm water and lightly spray on the affected area. After spraying blot with a clean cloth or towel.

While these are amazing home remedy processes and you’ll be able to see results of the stain fading, you’re still not guaranteed of a thorough cleaning. There will be small pigments that will still be present in your carpets that only professionals can achieve to eliminate with their cleaning products.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

It’s extremely important to properly care for your carpet by having routine maintenance checks and cleaning by professional Lakeland carpet cleaning services. The removal of stains in your carpet goes beyond the regular vacuuming and spot cleaning to be able to eliminate all the traces. 

Professional carpet cleaners are well qualified in their field and would know the best products to use. Other than products, they also have industrial machines to do the tasks properly and efficiently without damaging the fibers of your carpet. 

Together with solvents and cleaning liquids, professional carpet cleaners also apply the water extraction method, with high pressure tools and hot water to loosen up grime, dirt, stains, and debris that are often unseen. 

Hire the best professionals in your area

Professional carpet cleaners will be able to guide you about whether you should get your carpet cleaned as a whole, or a spot cleaning for focused areas. 

At Frog’s Floorcare we specialize in providing premium affordable Lakeland carpet cleaning services. Learn how we can make your home new and fresh by making your carpets squeaky clean!