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Create the perfect work-from-home space

As Lakeland’s premier floor care and carpet cleaning, we have visited and cleaned so many homes that have personal work spaces. The popularity and need for work-from-home space have increased rapidly during the last two years because of the pandemic that forced us to work in isolation.

As experts who continue to grow in the home maintenance industry, we have gathered so much insight from our experience and observation on what makes a fantastic work-from-home space.

  • Allocate and design your work space

Have a dedicated space that can fit your desk, your computer systems (if any) in a location inside the house that is neither too warm or too cold. Illumination is also important, so keep your source of light in mind when designing your work-from-home space. Make sure that the door is far from hitting anything should anyone suddenly decide to barge in (your kids can be unpredictable!).

Make sure you have the right desk and chair. large enough to accommodate your physical/spatial needs for work. Can your two screens fit? Do you need to have extra space for writing on your notebook while watching something on your desktop computer or laptop? Does it have a cup holder for your coffee or tea? Do you have back problems? Do you want to have a stationary chair or something you can roll around in? Take everything you will do or use into account when getting your own work desk and chair.

Allocate space for your supplies and tools. Make sure you have accessible storage in your work-from-home space. Your things, such as books, files, office supplies, tripod, should be stored safely close to your main work area.

It is also important to allot space near your work area where you can stand and stretch from time to time, so you don’t get your body stuck in a harmful posture and you can reinvigorate your blood circulation after being almost-stationary for hours.

  • Create a professional background

Because so many meetings happen online through Zoom or Google Meet, it’s important for you to make sure that your background looks presentable. Yes, there are various backgrounds available on the app itself, but it’s always a good idea to have an actual presentable background that you won’t be embarrassed about.

Depending on your nature of work or industry, your background options can include framed artworks or your bookshelf. It can also be a beautiful tapestry or just a plain wall. Avoid having your more personal and non-work/academic-related items such as family pictures, clothes, toiletries, religious items, and exercise equipment to be part of your background.

  • Have clean floors or carpet

Your work-from-home space isn’t complete with a clean and  professional looking floor/carpet. It may not be seen on your online meetings but a clean floor or carpeted area adds to the polished feel of your work-from-home space.

Make sure that your floor and carpet cleaning is done by Florida’s best floor and carpet care team (that’s us!) to ensure safety and beautiful maintenance of your floors and carpet.

And because we understand that one of the perks of having your work-from-home space is getting regular visits from your precious kids and fur babies, our carpet and floor cleaning supplies are certified to be family and pet-friendly solutions!

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