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Communicating service needs, complicated?

“Not me, I did not know, someone else must have done that, I only used a little!”. Excuses without proper explanation or requests to gain understanding gets us nowhere. When confronted with a question or presented with a fact we often deny the truth, hide and plead the 5th, relishing in the old saying that “ignorance is bliss”. Wait, did someone say relish? Yes please! When communicating their service needs, Lakeland carpet cleaning clients to the way I communicate my lifestyle habits to my doctor; complicated with a little fib on top. Speaking with your service provider should not be an elusive, hush hush, complicated process. Rather it should be an open dialogue discussing concerns, options and truthful expectations.

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Sticky situation, floor problems solved!

Like most people when you have a problem you search for that one stop shop or that one quick fix that does everything, right? Yes! Because in our fast paced world we look for the most convenient solution to our needs so that we can stay on top of our game. After all, time is money and money is valuable and we value our time!

Unfortunately with convenience we often sacrifice something whether it be quality, durability and longevity. This is what lands us in those sticky situations needing a problem solved. At Frogs Floor Care, your local Lakeland carpet cleaning team, we often run into floor problems where clients need our help to restore their carpet or hard surface flooring due to incorrect cleaning methods and cleaning products.

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Floor cleaning? Yes it is that important!

If you are like Scott and Tracy you probably like saving money, right? Are you adventurous enough like they are to bid on that low priced fixer upper? If so, there are many pitfalls and benefits that you should be aware of when buying that diamond in the rough that you must take into consideration and the floor cleaning, repair and replacement is a huge piece of the equation. Let’s read on to discover what to look for when moving into your next living space.

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