Oh the Horror Below!

Oh the horror below!! No not that far below, let’s just stop at your floors, are they clean or frightfully dirty? Think about it for a moment, life happens and what is outside comes inside. You cannot live inside that bubble of solitude, sanitation and boredom 24/7. You should explore the world and have fun while getting dirty and enjoy being around people and nature…breathe that fresh air..inhale and exhale! OK so now that we have had a moment to relax and ponder I need to tell you about something that is serious and should actually be integrated alongside the fun life brings. Consider where your feet travel throughout the day. Your feet travel the yard and down the street to walk your dog or take your kids to school. Or maybe you hit the locker room after a sweaty round of Zumba before strolling into your doctor’s appointment. Wow that is a busy day but what is on your shoes? Ugh. Do not worry, I have some tips to help keep your carpet and hard surface floors healthier and to keep that horrific dirt at bay with our professional carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning service!

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