Grout cleaning tips by frogs floor care

Not In Love with the Grout in your Kitchen? These tips can make you fall right back in!

When it comes to tile, the difference between its dazzling or dingy state comes down to the grout. While dirty elements may vary from different areas of your home, you’ll mostly encounter mildew, cooking splatters, and mud stains, which can be really disappointing and hard to clean.

While you might be thinking about costly replacements, we’re here to tell you that a simple cleaning and restoration can do the job. While there’s still time to prevent and eliminate these unsightly dirt and stains, cleaning and restoring your grout is the way to go!

In this blog, Lakeland grout cleaning experts will be diving into grout cleaning and restoration for you to maintain the longevity and cleanliness of your tile and grout!

Restore, Don’t Replace

At some point in time, your grout loses its original luster and color. This can be caused by heavy foot traffic and dirt residue left in the area. Instead of re-grouting or replacing your tile and grout altogether, you can always restore your grout.

Restoration efforts and grout cleaning through steam cleaning by tile and grout professionals is extremely effective in removing ingrained grease and dirt that may affect the color of the grout.

It goes through a 4-step procedure:

  • First, sweeping and vacuuming is done to remove all soils and loose dirt in your tiles.
  • Second, a high-powered steamer with adjustable pressure changes (that depend on the type of floor) with powered spinning heads is used  to go deep into the pores of your tile and grout to force out embedded dirt and eliminate it effectively.
  • Third, the tiles are dried as the last step of the procedure to allow your newly cleaned tile and grout to set.
  • Lastly, the grout is sealed by using a clear sealer for an extra layer of protection from dirt and water absorption.

Through this method, you’re ensured that your tile and grout is thoroughly cleaned and protected against any kind of dirt and stain.

Change the Color of the Grout to Brighten Up the Space

Looking to refresh your tile? Changing the color of your grout can do the trick! The transformation can brighten up your space and bring a personalized touch to different areas of your home. Once the grout is cleaned and restored, you can simply paint it once it’s dry and clean off the excess.

We recommend that you do your research of great color combinations by using tile and grout combination charts to really get a good picture of the end result. Dark grout can exude a dramatic vibe for your space, while light grout often blends in and brightens.

It’s best to also relay this to a tile and grout professional to gain expert insight on changing grout color. 

Match the Color of your Newly-Painted Walls

Matching the color of your newly-painted walls with your grout takes your home improvement project to the next level! There will be a nice touch of continuity that can highlight the contrast of colors in your space.

What we can recommend is to hold a paint chip against the floor to determine a close match. You can also take the paint sample to a paint store as they are equipped with a color-matching scanner.

Your Tile and Grout is Clean and Healthy With Us

When your grout is stained, dirty, and dull they’re really hard to love. But with grout cleaning and restoration, they’ll be back to being shiny and new in no time!

Frogs Floor Care, your local Lakeland tile cleaning team, is committed to be your partner in bringing modern cleaning techniques and innovation for all your tile and grout needs with affordable rates and quality work!