transform your living room

Transform Your Living Room from Blah to Beautiful With These 4 Steps!

It’s been awhile since your last living room makeover, and a design refresh may be needed.

But how do you switch up your style effectively?

Having your living room upgraded doesn’t mean it needs a total overhaul. You don’t need to  replace furniture or change up all your decor. It’s only essential to add just a few touches to make your space look its best.

Give your living room the transformation it deserves with these easy steps from your Lakeland professional carpet cleaning team!

Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways to transform your living room without buying anything is to rearrange your furniture to change your layout.

You can try placing your sofa underneath the window. If you have an L-shaped sofa, try facing them towards each other for a formal look.

If you have extra chairs, bring them in from other rooms to create a conversational environment. To make your space more polished, you can also style your table (or your coffee table) with items that you already have in the house: stack a few books, or display a candle or vase.

Small details can make your space feel more put-together and styled with a fresh, clean living area.

Add Pillows and Throws

Add some pillows that can complement the colors in your living room and contrast well to the color of your couch. It can be as effective as adding a new piece of artwork to your walls.

Want a new sofa but don’t have a budget for it? You can try draping a blanket or throw over it to instantly give it new life. This instant trick can refresh the entire look of your living room. The best part? It’s free!

Here’s your Lakeland professional carpet cleaning team’s quick tip: If you’re one of those people that do not prefer top sheets on their sofa, here’s what you can do: Rather than covering the entire sofa, wrap a top sheet just above the seating and back pillows for an updated look.

Update the Family Photo

Having a personal touch is what makes a house a home, and nothing does quite that as well as family photos.

Frames with a pop of color mixed with classic black ones can house your photos with such class. Bright frames can both heighten the vibrant hues in the brighter photos and complement the softer tones of the classic frames. Make both your memories and living room stand out!

Freshen Up Your Carpets and Rugs

Freshening up your carpets and rugs can effectively pull your accents together, add pattern to neutral colors, or soften the edgy look of your living room to provide balance to the space. One of the most essential factors of fresh rugs and carpets is promoting cleanliness and good air quality at home.

According to local carpet cleaning experts, check the cleaning and maintenance of your rugs and carpets on what kind of care it might need.

For unavoidable spills and food and pet stains, a quick remedy is fine. But it’s best to consult the professionals on how to effectively eliminate dirt elements and apply deep cleaning methods to your carpets and rugs.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

With these essential steps in effectively giving your living room a makeover, the only question that remains is when are you going to do it? The perfect answer is NOW!

It’s the holidays, Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to give your living area a refreshed look and to wow your guests!

When it comes to floor and carpet cleaning and maintenance, you can always count on affordable carpet cleaning services and more at Frog’s Floor Care to give you the premium cleaning and high-quality work from only the best in the industry!