Types of Rugs by Frogs Floor Care

Know Your Rug

Is it possible that your area rug could benefit from a deep cleaning?

Learn how to clean a rug and you’ll be able to revive all of your floor coverings whenever you choose. Area rugs may tie a room together, but they take a battering from everything from foot traffic to pets to spills. Vacuuming isn’t enough to make things properly clean after a while, which is where understanding how to do it yourself comes in helpful.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different varieties of carpets available if you’re new to the rug game. How easy it is to clean the rug, how long you want to keep it, and whether you have any preferences for specific sorts of materials are all key considerations.

In this blog, the Lakeland carpet cleaning professionals bring you different types of rugs and some cleaning tips to help you care for them.

Ready? Let’s go!

Wool Rugs

Wool Rug
lakeland wool rug

Wool is a natural fiber rug that is traditionally woven, tufted, knotted, or loomed by hand. Machine-loomed wool rugs are also available, however they are often constructed of synthetic fibers rather than actual wool.

True wool rugs are more expensive due to the time and effort required to design and construct them, but the quality is exceptional.

Wool carpets are frequently passed down through the generations, making them an heirloom investment. Because of its durability, this rug is great for high-traffic areas such as the living room, bedroom, and foyer.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs
lakeland persian rugs

Persian rugs originated in the ancient Persian empire, where handweaving was regarded as a highly valued art form.

Hand-knotted Persian rugs are divided into two categories: city rugs and tribal or nomadic carpets. Persian carpets made in organized workshops where weavers follow a paper blueprint of a design are known as city rugs.

Meaning can be encoded using a combination of geometry, symmetry, patterns, and symbols in a persian rug. A peony, for example, represents strength on a Persian rug, while a pomegranate represents fertility.

Area Rugs

Area Rug
lakeland area rug

Area rugs aren’t only for covering a piece of your floor; they can also add comfort and style to your living room, bedroom, and other social spots in your home.

These rugs have the capacity to transform a room’s mood while also protecting carpeting and hardwood floors.

Silk Rugs

Silk Rug
Silk Rug

Silk carpets are often thin, delicate, and velvety soft.

Because silk rugs are extremely delicate and difficult to clean, they are best used in low-traffic areas.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton Rugs
Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a low-cost, pleasant rug material that can be used as a substitute for more expensive carpets made of wool or silk.

Cotton, on the other hand, fades quickly and does not repel stains. According to Lakeland carpet cleaning professionals, cotton rugs are great for casual environments and are a fantastic choice if you want to change your rug out depending on the season or mood.

Leather, Hides, and Sheepskins Rug

Leather, Hides, and Sheepskins Rug
lakeland sheepskins Rug

The hides of those animals are used to make leather and sheepskin rugs. Hides and sheepskins are complete animal hides, whereas leather rugs might be braided strips. Small spaces, oddly shaped rooms, and sumptuous layering will all benefit from these rugs.

Sheepkins are quite easy to clean (you wash them like hair) and are particularly useful for layering on furniture or placing next to your bed as a soft area to walk on first thing in the morning.

The Solution to Rug Cleaning: The Professionals

The Solution to Rug Cleaning The Professionals
The Solution to Rug Cleaning The Professionals

Professional rug cleaning by Lakeland carpet cleaning experts extends the life of your carpets and rugs by eliminating dirt, soil, and allergens that have become lodged in the fibers.

Professional rug cleaners are also qualified to remove set-in stains and to address the special concerns that certain sorts of stains, such as pet urine, might cause.

Cat urine has a distinct chemical composition than dog urine, which affects how each stains a rug, sticks to fibers, and must be carefully removed.

Only experienced Lakeland carpet cleaning professionals will have that knowledge, and only the right cleaning materials will be able to thoroughly remove the stain and odor.

Frog’s Floor Care are the professionals that you can count on when it comes to rug cleaning. Aside from our expert cleaning, we also make use of kid and pet-friendly supplies that are gentle and not harmful on your furry friend!

Tips and Tricks for Upholstery Cleaning

Tips and Tricks for Upholstery Cleaning

You’ve probably taken countless naps on it, have visitors hang around it and sit on it, or have the whole family gather around it to watch your favorite TV show.

What are we talking about?

Your furniture and upholstery, of course! Because a lot of aspects in your life revolve around furniture and using them day to day, upholstery cleaning is just as important as the likes of carpet cleaning.

That’s right: your couches, chairs, sectionals, and everything else in fabric needs to be deep cleaned just like your carpets.

In this blog, Lakeland upholstery cleaning professionals will be tackling different kinds of upholstery material and how it’s cleaned.

Let’s start!

Couches / Sofa

Couches Sofa
Couches Sofa

A nice couch or sofa set completes the look of the living room while also providing unrivaled comfort to its users.

Most importantly, they require professional cleaning services on a regular basis to maintain their comfort and beauty. It not only extends the life of the sofa, but it also makes it a healthier place to be because the dirt and germs are removed.

Professionals often clean couches and sofas by the steam heat extraction method. It removes dust and other harmful particles from the sofa’s surface using high-temperature steam heat extraction technology.

This process removes extra moisture as well as debris and dust, guaranteeing that no wet or soggy residue like food stains remain. Fabric shrinkage is greatly decreased as a result, and the entire sofa may be cleaned in a matter of hours.

In comparison to other approaches, this procedure is also more cost-effective and offers the greatest possible cleaning.


matresses cleaning
matresses cleaning

Cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning the upholstery in your home.

You may believe that a mattress does not need to be cleaned until there is a spill or an accident, but the truth is that due to how frequently you use it, it requires more frequent cleaning.

Have your mattress professionally cleaned to ensure it receives the deep cleaning it requires by Lakeland upholstery cleaning experts. It’ll be like night and day, and you’ll be able to sleep considerably better from now on!

Remember to have your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year to avoid odors, bacterial growth, and heavy stains from gathering on your mattress.

Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Chairs
Dining Room Chairs

Fabric upholstered dining chairs are frequently used as focal points in the dining area. Maintaining their attractiveness is an important component of maintaining the aesthetic of your property.

 However, using your furniture will inevitably cause wear and tear, and food stains are extremely likely at some point.

High-quality furniture is an investment, so get the fabric professionally cleaned at least twice a year to extend the life of your upholstered dining room chairs as much as possible.

Professional cleaning methods will differ depending on the type of cloth used to make the chairs. There are many professional cleaners on the market, so choose one with a high reputation. A spot test on an unnoticed section of the fabric is a smart method to make sure the cleaning products aren’t too harsh and won’t harm the fabric.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and Curtains
Drapes and Curtains

A good set of curtains or drapes can provide privacy and allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home during the day.

But like any other functioning item in your home, they require maintenance. A dirty set of curtains isn’t only an eyesore; they may also contribute to the volume of dust in your home. For this reason, you should clean your drapes and curtains on a regular basis.

Steaming, dry cleaning, and carbonating are some of the cleaning processes used by professional curtain cleaners.

A different procedure would be recommended depending on the status of your curtain and its material.

More significantly, the expert professionals’ experience will ensure that all treatments do not harm the fabric, that the color is preserved, and that any hidden filth is properly removed.

You can rely on Frog’s Floor Care to take good care of your upholstery – and MORE!

polk county upholstery cleaning
polk county upholstery cleaning

You can always rely on the decades-long experience of Frog’s Floor Care in expertly cleaning your upholstery! Not only do we provide amazing upholstery services, we also do exceptional floor cleaning on carpet, tiled, and hardwood floors!

Give us a call today or visit our website at: https://frogsfloorcare.com/ to learn more about our services!

Setting Up Your Babys Nursery

Expecting? Here are 5 Tips in Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery!

Whether you’re a first-time parent setting up your baby’s nursery or otherwise, having a baby in the family can be a rewarding experience.

However, with all the excitement you feel, it’s still important to ensure that your little bundle of joy’s well-being is put first at all times. This is where it’s essential to set up a nursery.

In most cases, setting up a nursery can be a little challenging and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can use to make the set-up a success.

Keep reading this blog to learn about 5 tips in setting up your baby’s nursery room, straight from the Lakeland carpet cleaning professionals at Frog’s Floor Care!

Fill the Space with Essential Baby Furniture

Fill the Space with Essential Baby Furniture
Fill the Space with Essential Baby Furniture

As a parent, it may be hard to take care of the baby when managing the household all at once. Since tending to your bundle of joy can be time-consuming, it can be a great idea to fill in your baby’s nursery room with necessary furniture to make it more manageable.

This can include:

  • Baby Swing – to keep the baby preoccupied while running other tasks in the house.
  • Changing Station – a vital piece to make changing for your little one as comfortable as possible.
  • Chair – a necessary piece of furniture for feeding your little one. All you need to do is to add extra cushions and sit upright to make it more comfortable for you.

Keep a Sanitation Station

Keep a Sanitation Station
Keep a Sanitation Station

It’s also essential to keep your baby’s nursery room as germ-free as possible to protect your little one from the risk of diseases or other health issues.

This is where the sanitation station comes to the rescue. Below are some things to consider:

  • Provide a tray filled with anti-bacterial gels and paper towels on the changing table to avoid contamination of surfaces.
  • Wipe the hotspot areas with antibacterial wipes on a regular basis.
  • Come up with a strategy on how to dispose of soiled clothing and dirty diapers such as having a separate hamper.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Keep your floor clean
Keep your floor clean

Babies spend much of their time on the floor, which means regular cleaning is vital. This is especially true with carpeted floors, which can be home to dust mites and mold. If your nursery is carpeted, vacuum twice a week to eliminate pet dander and other allergens.

We also encourage you to maintain your baby’s nursery with Lakeland professional carpet cleaning professionals to ensure excellent air quality in your little one’s room. The professional’s deep cleaning solutions will ensure that any dirty element will not set and accumulate in the nursery.

Sanitize Floors Regularly

Sanitize Floors
Sanitize Floors Regularly

Since babies explore the world with their mouths, it’s important to sanitize your bundle of joy’s toys once a week.

Wipe each toy with disinfectant, and then rinse with water or a wet cloth.

Use an Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Eco friendly cleaner
Eco friendly cleaner

According to the Lakeland tile cleaning experts, not only are eco-friendly cleaners better for the environment, but they’re also better for your infant. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are found in many cleaning products. Under ordinary environmental conditions, many common chemical compounds evaporate, impacting indoor air quality.

They have the potential to make you and your family ill.

Keep Your Baby’s Nursery Clean with the Professionals

Keep Your Baby’s Nursery Clean with the Professionals
Frogs Floor Care

Creating a nursery room for your newborn might be a difficult task. You should carefully arrange the setup with their comfort and overall well-being in mind to attain the greatest potential result.

So, if you want to get a head start, follow the tips above and enlist the help of Lakeland carpet cleaning professionals with Frog’s Floor Care! We use pet and children friendly chemicals, to ensure that you’ll be able to set up your baby’s nursery with delight.